The scope and subjects of the symposium are determined as follows:

  1. Geothermal Resources and Health Tourism of Yozgat
    • Geological structure and properties of Yozgat
    • Thermal sources and their usage in Yozgat
    • Current Situation of Geothermal Resources in Yozgat, Activities and Problems
    • Location of Geothermal Energy in the Future of Yozgat
    • Regional heating systems
    • Development of social education and knowledge level to ensure effective and efficient use of resources of health, tourism and thermal treatment
    • Geothermal Resources and Physical Therapy Practices in Yozgat
  2. Antiquity Tourism
    • Archaeological Sites in and around Yozgat. Mounds and Excavations
    • Prehistoric and Historical Ages in Yozgat. Periods. Civilizations
    • Archaeological Findings and Properties
    • Archaeological-Historical Findings and Museology
    • Sit and Protected Areas / Protecting, Healthcare Studies
    • Kerkenes Ruins
    • Roman Bath
    • Alisar Höyük
    • Tavion Ruins
    • Kızlar Kayası
  3. Nature Tourism of Yozgat
    • Rural Tourism
    • Ecotourism
    • PlateauTourism
    • Hunting Tourism
    • Botanical Tourism
    • Nature Observation
    • Mountain-hiking
    • Mountain-Rock Climbing
    • Canyon Tourism
    • Çamlık National Park
  4. Sport and Camping Tourism
    • Winter Sports Opportunities in Yozgat
    • Potential of Camp Centers in Yozgat
  5. Innovation and Entrepreneurship in Yozgat Tourism
    • Bozok Tourism Handicrafts
    • Cultural Tourism in Yozgat
    • Religional Tourism in Yozgat
    • Natural Stones Museum and Precious Stones ( Ametist stone, Kalsedon stone)
    Swot Analysis of Yozgat Provincial Tourism
    • Basic Principles of Sustainable Tourism
    • Contribution of Yozgat's Concrete and Nontary Heritage to Culture Tourism
    • Impact of Yozgat's Cultural Wealth to Tourism
    • All Studies on Yozgat Gastronomy
    • The Importance of Tourism Education in the Development of Yozgat Provincial Tourism
    • Yozgat Provincial Tourism Undertakings and Suggestions
  6. Problems of Yozgat Tourism
    • Establishment of Projections and Determination of Deficiencies for Yozgat Provincial Tourism Marketing
    • Investment to Yozgat Tourism as an Alternative Cost for Economic Consideration
    • The Role of Stakeholders in the Development of Yozgat Tourism in Turkey
    • Possible Relations with Other Sectors in the Development of Yozgat Tourism Industry
  7. Yozgat Tourism and Gastronomy
    • Culinary Richness of Yozgat
    • Traditional Yozgat Cuisine
    • Yozgat's Marketable Kitchen Values in the Gastronomy Tourism Framework
    • Healthy Nutrition Opportunities in Yozgat
    • Food Security in Yozgat
    • Food and Beverage Service in Hotel Management in Yozgat
    • Sustainable Restaurants and Cuisines in Yozgat
    • Frozen Food and Cold Chain Logistics
    • Yozgat's Gastronomic Wealth asa  part of  UNESCO Creative Cities Network