Preparing the Abstract:

  1. Abstract should have a maximum of 300 words except title and references.
  2. There should be five key words after the abstract that defines the abstract
  3. The information about author/authors should not be on abstract page.
  4. Title of the abstract should be bold and centered and only the first letters must be capital.
  5. The abstract word must be written bold in the beginning of the paragraph and first letter must be capital.
  6. The summary text should be aligned on both sides.
  7. The abstract must be written in both Turkish and English.

Preparing the Finaltext :

  1. The following sections or headings must be in finaltext
  2. Title
  3. (Under the title) Author’/Authors Name, Surname (Academic Title, Institution and email address must be indicated in footnotes.) Author names should be italic and right aligned.
  4. Abstract
  5. Subject (Headings, Sections, Content, Conclusion, References, Appendix, etc.)
  6. In full text, Font Face must be Times New Roman and Font Size must be 11 point in A4 format and 1,2 line spacing. Margins must be 6 cm from top and bottom of the page, full text will not be over 15 pages, Footnotes should be written in single line and 10 point font.
  7. Paragraph spacing should be set to 3 after.
  8. Paragraph indentation  should be 1.25 cm inside.
  9. The topic title should be given in bold / bold and centered, with the first letters capitalized.
  10. The text should be aligned on both sides.
  11. Tables and figures should be titled and numbered, titles should be placed on tables, under figures and graphics.
  12. At the end of the paper, the sources used in the text should be given in alphabetical order. The bibliography should be arranged in a single line, with the first line to the left and the other lines to be 1 cm inside.
  13. The appendices must appear after the bibliography section.
  14. In the preparation of the Acedemic Papers, scientific writing rules should be observed in other matters not mentioned here.
  15. Full text paper should be sent to bozoksempozyum@bozok.edu.tr e-mail address.